Technical Lead - Full Stack

Date: Nov 4, 2023

Location: Bangalore, KA, IN

Company: [24]

About [24]7 Innovation Labs


Data is changing human lives at the core - we collect so much data about everything, use it to learn many things and apply the learnings in all aspects of our lives. [24]7 is at the fore front of applying data and machine learning to the world of customer acquisition and customer engagement. Our customer acquisition cloud uses best of ML and AI to get the right audiences and our engagement cloud powers the interactions for best experience. We service Fortune 100 enterprises globally and hundreds of millions of their customers every year. We enable 1.5B customer interactions every year.


We work on several challenging problems in the world of data processing, machine learning and use artificial intelligence to power Smart Agents. 


How do you process millions of events in a stream to derive intelligence?

How do you learn from troves of data applying scalable machine learning algorithms?

How do you switch the learnings with real time streams to make decisions in sub 300 msec at scale?


We work with the best of open source technologies - Akka, Scala, Undertow, Spark, Spark ML, Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo. Platform scale and real time are in our DNA and we work hard every day to change the game in customer engagement.


We believe in empowering smart people to work on larger than life problems with the best of technologies and like-minded people.

We are a Pre-IPO Silicon Valley based company with many global brands as our customers – Hilton, eBay, Time Warner Cable, Best Buy, Target, American Express, Capital One and United Airlines. We touch more than 300 M visitors online every month with our technologies. We have one of the best work environments in Bangalore.


About [24]7 Inc Product Engineering Team

The Product Engineering team at [24]7 is building the next-generation platform to deliver intuitive experiences to consumers when they interact with companies via the Web, Mobile, Interactive Voice Response(IVR) or the plain old phone. Our products crunch huge volumes of data to figure out what consumers' want, even before they ask. We design & develop new product/feature ideas from ground up, in the areas of big data, predictive analytics, modeling frameworks, mobile apps and cool user interfaces. Our work involves building high-performance, highly-available and reliable products that are deployed in distributed environments to offer services in SaaS modality.

  • Solid CS fundamentals are a must. (Data structures, Algorithms, OS, Databases).
  • Looking for Full Stack Engineer
  • Excellent understanding of object-oriented design patterns & experience with OO

Languages (Java, Ruby, Python, Scala etc)

  • Experience building web-based user interfaces, with a deep understanding of HTML, Javascript,CSS
  • Technologically savvy with excellent communication abilities.
  • Experience in developing high-performance distributed systems is a big plus.
  • Good skills in System and Database Design are a big plus.
  • Experience with all aspects of software development lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies is a plus.
  • Exposure to open source technologies is a plus.
  • Experience and knowledge of cloud enabled services and applications are a plus


* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Engineering